“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

Benjamin E. Mays

When we talk about goals in life, two scenarios may come to the stage: Some people are super goal-oriented and drive themselves harshly goal after goal. Others live in static and dullness with no goals to reach. In this article, I tend not to address the adverse effects behind both but emphasize a healthier and more scientific approach for goal setting and reaching in life. That is the SMART Goals.

The Definition of SMART Goals

You may have heard of it multiple…

The Meaning of PDCA Cycle

PDCA Cycle (also known as PDSA Cycle or Deming Cycle), is a problem-solving method used for the continuous learning and improvement of a process or product.

There are 4 basic steps in PDCA Cycle:

  • Plan: identify a problem and possible solutions
  • Do: execute the plan and test the solution(s)
  • Check: evaluate the results and lessons learned
  • Act: improve the plan/process for better solutions

These four steps incorporate inductive-deductive interplay and have been a simple and scientific approach for problem-solving (process-improving). It follows the curve of how we acquire knowledge through constant reflection, standardization, and modification.

The PDCA framework begins with…

Everything you need to know about Pomodoro


What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the simplest and most feasible methods of time management, proposed by Francesco Cirillo in 1992. He named it “Pomodoro” (tomato in Italian) just because of the tomato-shaped kitchen timer he used to track time.

Struggling with constantly refilling to-do lists and never-ceasing deadlines like all of us today, Francesco found a way to enhance his concentration and productively get things done as a university student. That is Pomodoro Technique. Every 25-minute is considered as a Pomo, dedicating to a task during the Pomo and taking a 5-minute break when it ends. After 4 Pomos…

Generate your 2020 TickTick Memory and set goals for 2021!


As 2020 has officially come to the end, some may have already engaged themselves in re-evaluation on things completed and changes made throughout the year. Looking back to last year’ resolution and seeing what has been ticked off is always a good way to do that, so is listing what you did well and what you didn’t. To help you do that, 2020 TickTick Memory is coming soon!


Approaching the end of 2020, we can’t wait to tell you what TickTick has done this year: what features have been newly added, what major improvements have been made, as well as what integrations and projects were introduced. Read through to have a general idea, and pick up things you’ve missed along the way!

Section 1: New features

One of the biggest new features introduced in TickTick this year is: Task Nesting (Subtask). Beforehand, there were only Check Items within the task, which could be checked off and set reminders to. Yet, it couldn’t perform other functions like a complete task. A subtask foundation…

Test your TickTick knowledge and grab some tips!


You may have been a TickTick veteran for many years already, knowing a lot of tricks that suit your workflow best. Or, maybe you just got started today. No matter whether you’re in the know of how powerful TickTick can be to help you stay organized, focused and productive, this article will level up your TickTick knowledge for sure!

Read on to learn something new!

Section 1: Task & List

Add tasks all over the list with draggable “+” button (mobile)

Some may have well recognized the Quick Add Button “+”, which usually stays on the left or right bottom corner of your list, but what you may not be familiar with is that “+” can…


Long extending itself beyond a simple to-do app, TickTick offers an all-in-one productivity solution packed with features like to-do lists, Pomo, Habit, Kanban, Note and more importantly, a built-in Calendar! It is not very common for a to-do app to have one, but it is always useful if it does! TickTick is such an app that combines your to-do lists with a calendar in a single place, empowering you to get more out of your time and manage your tasks well.

Planning beforehand helps in actual doing. With TickTick Calendar, you can always plan out your day and time block…


Many of us enjoy making plans, such as spending hours creating a never-ending to-do list. Similar to registering for a gym membership but never visit since then, the common reaction to a redundant list or a big commitment is usually:

  • Procrastinate on it till the last minute;
  • Start from small and low-value tasks in order to feel they are still progressing.

Maybe everyone procrastinates, and for the most of time, procrastination indeed damages our productivity and success. However, not every procrastination is deadly harmful. High performers differ themselves from low performers by choosing the right tasks to procrastinate on. They…


What is white noise?

Some may have found themselves working more productively sitting in a crowded cafe instead of at home or in an open-plan office, and others may have had the experience that they fell asleep more easily especially when it is a rainy night.

I believe you can somehow feel the relatability. Why would there be such situations, if it’s not just out of randomness?

This is because “White Noise” like these, raindrops and people chatting in the cafe, can actually help us in terms of focus, productivity and relaxation. Researchers at University of Illinois have found that participants who listened to…


An often heard theory of habit-building is the “21/90”. 21 days for a habit to form (0–1), and another 90 days for that habit to stick (1–100). Apart from these two key stages, the initial decision to commit to a new habit is also important.

Deciding to commit to a positive change

A ritual of start

Before jumping into a new habit, a good way to get yourself mentally ready is a ritual of start. Telling yourself and maybe also people around you that you’d like to make a certain change, is actually establishing an invisible “flag”. …


Simple and effective to-do list and task manager that helps you make schedules, manage time, and organize all aspects of life. 🚀 https://ticktick.com/home

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